Mediation / Settlement

Our costs lawyers are experts in representing you in even the most difficult costs-related cases. We frequently appear in court-appointed mediations and informal settlement conferences.

Blackstone knows what a good settlement looks like. Our lawyers are experts in settling even the most difficult costs-related disputes at both mediation and informal settlement conferences.

Some jurisdictions, such as Victoria, the Federal Court and the Family Court, encourage parties to settle costs by attending mediations or informal settlement conferences. In Victoria, where there is a Costs Court, approximately 80 per cent of costs disputes settle at court-appointed mediation.

We pride ourselves on being tenacious and effective negotiators and advocates. With a team of accredited specialists, the depth of our costing experience and knowledge will allow you to avoid the expense and delay of the taxation process, and get the best possible results at mediation or informal conference. This, regardless of whether you are the paying party or the receiving party.