Expert Reports

Blackstone’s accredited specialists prepare expert reports and appear as witnesses in all relevant jurisdictions on security for costs and gross sum costs applications, and in major class-action litigation.

We prepare expert reports and appear as witnesses in relation to security for costs applications and applications for gross sum costs orders.
We also provide advice in support of costs applications in major class actions.

Security for Costs

Defendants in litigation often have concerns their costs of successfully defending a claim will not be paid by the Plaintiff.

In such circumstances, Defendants can issue a Notice of Motion, seeking an order for security for costs.

Under the order, a Plaintiff must pay security by way of charges, bank bonds, guarantees, or an amount of money the court considers appropriate, for the Defendant’s costs of the proceeding.

Such applications are usually made at an early stage in the proceedings.

Our costs lawyers prepare expert reports which assist the court in fixing the amount and nature of security to be provided – that is, an estimate of the likely recoverable costs.

In the alternative, we are also engaged to prepare expert reports to oppose security for costs applications.

Gross Sum Costs Orders

Parties in litigation increasingly apply for gross sum costs orders to avoid the time and expense involved in the costs assessment process.

We assist by preparing expert reports supporting or opposing such applications. These help the court determine how much to allow when fixing costs on a gross sum basis.